Top Writing Software you should use for your laptop

If english is your second language and you want a simple software to check your writing/emails for grammer/spelling errors, here are a few writing softwares you can consider.

1) Grammarly

Grammarly is a software extension which allows you to check your grammar/spelling. It also has an AI writing assistant which can help you rephrase your sentences/add in more phrases. This is a pretty efficient software for users who are not native speaker of English.

2) Ginger

Ginger has an unique rephraser feature which lets you rephrase your sentences. Ginger also supports mobile devices and this is useful for users who answer e-mails on the go. You can download their android keyboard and ensure your email replies are spelling error free when you use this android keyboard app. Proof read all your emails/essays using this software. Ginger also a translate feature so you can translate any english word back to your native language to find out the meaning.

3) Quillbot

Another noteworthy extension you can use is Quillbot. Quillbot is used by over 500,000+ users and their software also helps to summarize articles you read online.