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How to use our WORD and CHARACTER counter

Character Count is an online tool, 100% free, that lets you easily calculate and count the numbers of characters, words, sentences and paragraphs in your text. Furthermore it also shows the keywords and the reading time of a text. This tool offers simplicity over all the detailed writing information; it displays character and word count, which is often the main information people need to know about their writing. Best of all, you receive the needed information at a lightning fast speed. To discover the word and character counter of your text you simply copy and paste a text into the tool or write into the text region. Once done, the free online tool will display both counts for the text inserted. This can be useful and absolutely helpful when you are writing for something that has a character minimum or restriction.

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Job Seekers

For job seekers it is essential to know the character number of your resume in order to get all the information onto a single page. You can range over many different fonts, their size and spacing in order to adjust the number of characters you can fit in a single page. When you look for a job you should keep an eye on the word count of a cover letter. To let the receiver appreciate the contents, you should write 3 to 4 paragraphs between 250 and 400 words in a clear and concise style.

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Nowadays character and word limits are pretty common on the web. People are likely to limit the characters to 140 for tweets on but there are not very strict limits; on the contrary there are word and character restrictions for text message (SMS),, ,,,. Being aware of these limits will enable you to better express yourself within the imposed limits.

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Online Character and word count tool can also be quite helpful for writers who can be better aware of the length of their writing and display the writing pages in a specific way. Being aware of this counts can help the writers, especially magazine and newspaper writers, get the most information onto a limited space.

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For students there are usually limits or minimums for homework assignments. The same is true for college application. This helps you grade and review the writings or follow the basic directions in a proper way. Character counter can make sure you don’t accidentally go over limits or fail to meet minimums that can be detrimental to these assignments.