How to avoid plagiarism for essays

When you are entering college and writing essays for the first time, it is important to avoid plagiarism claims/getting punished for academic dishonesty. Here is how to ensure you avoid any risk of plagiarisms.

1) Use a software to cite all your sources

Its imperative to cite your sources when you're writing your essays. You need to cite the title of the book and the page number you're using. To avoid missing any source citation, you can consider using a software which can create citations in different formats.

2) Proof read your essays

Review your essays and ensure there are no uncited sources.

3) Use an online plagiarism checker

Check your final essay using a plagiarism checker to ensure you did not lift any quotes/paragraphs verbatim without citation. Doing this before you submit your final work ensures you can avoid 99% of cases of plagiarism if you follow these 3 simple tips.