4 Tips to write better essays

How to stand out in College Admissions Essays

Are you writing essays for your college admissions and need some advice on how to stand out in your essays?

Here are a few tips to remember when you're writing your essay

1) Try to write about your unique personal experiences. If you're trying to attend a top university such as Stanford/Oxford/Cambridge/Harvard etc, its important to think about what makes you stand out from your peers. The competition for places in a top university is extremely high and you have to find a few positive aspects about yourself which separates you from the thousands of applicants who are competing for the same spots.

2) Try to focus on more then academics

Unless you have won a medal at the Olympiads, its hard to stand out vs your peers for academic results as most students who apply have straight A+s. Its important to present other aspects of your life such as playing a sport at a high level/doing community service/having a leadership role in your school club. Many universities are looking for well-rounded students and dont just care about your academic results.

3) Have a friend edit your essay

While you should be reviewing your essay for spelling mistakes/grammar mistakes, it is important to have a third party review your essay as well. Its easy for you to skip over errors/miss out any grammar issues and having a fresh pair of eyes look at your essay can help to catch these errors.

4) Write several drafts for your essays

Its important to have enough time to review your essay and edit it after getting feedback from a friend/teacher. Your first draft wont be polished and it will take several tries before you are able to achieve the best result possible for your essay. So have a schedule and keep working on your essay edits.