How to write Newsletter Titles for E-Commerce

Ever wondered how you should write newsletter titles to ensure a high clickthrough rate from your newsletter subscribers?

Here are 3 simple tips you can remember when writing out newsletter titles

1) Try to be descriptive & Sell the Benefits

Instead of describing any feature of the products you're selling, try to sell the benefits. An example of this would be assume you sell anti-wrinkle cream. Instead of listing out the ingredients within your product, you could list out benefits such as look and feel 5 years younger by reducing the number of wrinkles on your face.

2) Dont use Clickbait titles

While clickbait titles do work in the short-term. Over the long run, you ruin the trust and relationship you have with your newsletter subscribers. Its important to treat your subscribers with respect and not ruin their trust for any short term gains.

3) Be Direct & use 5 words or less for your title

By using a short title, you're forced to think clearly what the newsletter article focus should be on. For example, if you have an sale for soon-to-be discontinued products, just spell it out directly in the title. Having a short title also forces you to edit your newsletter to ensure there is one/two major focus for the newsletter you're sending out to subscribers.