How to learn a new language easily while you are browsing the Internet

Want to learn a second language while you're surfing the Internet daily? Here is how you can do so.

Install an extension like JoinToucan.

The way this software works is it scans the articles you're reading while you're on the Internet. Some key words/phrases are changed to the second language and you can click on these words to see the meaning of the word/see how this word is pronounced.

By using JoinToucan, you can learn new words automatically while you're browsing the Internet.

Another way/method of learning another language is to use NflxMultiSubs. Please note you need a subscription to Netflix for this software to work.

The methodology/logic behind this software is having translated subtitles appear at the bottom of the screen while you're watching Netflix. Since you're watching your favorite drama series, you might as well try to learn a new language at the same time.

These two methods of learning a new language rely on getting exposed to the language via watching TV/Internet surfing and can be more fun vs going for classes. The benefit of these two apps is you can learn/practice these languages while you are at home and it is 100% free.