How to write a balanced essay

Whenever you are writing an argumentative essay for school/work, it is important to provide a balanced overview on the topic. While you may have a preference towards one argument vs the opposing view, it is important to provide a balanced view by acknowledging the opposing arguments and be able to rebutt these arguments.

For example, a sample essay could be

Juveniles should be tried and treated as adults.

We can list the pros and cons for this essay and rebuttal points

Pro Views

Every individual should be treated equally under the law. The crime commited is the same/damage done is the same regardless of the age of the offender. Treating juveniles differently may cause an increase in youth crime.

Rebuttal Views

Juveniles are too young and their brains are not fully developed, hence they should be treated less harshly. It is more important to rehabilitate a young offender versus the use of punishment to deter other individuals from committing the same offense. Juveniles are strongly affected by their living environments and it is not fair to exact the same punishment on them as adults.

By writing out both the pros and cons of this topic, you're able to acknowledge the arguments of the opposing view and state clearly why you feel their view is incorrect.

For example, you could look at the argument "Treating juveniles differently may cause an increase in youth crime" and see based on historical figures whether sentencing juveniles leniently has caused an increase in crime vs other countries where juveniles are treated the same as adults.