Simple Etiquette for Work Emails

Are you at your first day of work/first internship and need a few simple tips on the proper etiquette for work emails? Just remember these 3 simple tips and you should be fine.

1) Write short and direct emails

People at work are busy and often multi-tasking. When you're writing e-mails, clearly spell out the situation at hand, the questions/approval you need from the recipient and when you need a reply. This allows your recipients a clear deadline on when they need to respond/whether they just need to be kept in the loop etc.

2) Dont CC people if they are not needed

You should only CC other people who will need to know the information at hand. Currently, it is estimated each person receives over 30 emails a day and not all of these emails are needed. To ensure you do not clog up user email inboxes, ensure you only email/CC the individuals who are needed.

3) Do not use any slang

While slang can be appropriate for your personal emails, you should never use it in your work emails. Keep your work e-mails professional